September 19, 2008

Man of the Match Awards for Dhoni in ODI

Mahendra Singh Dhoni has been a consistent performer in ODI matches for India. He could effortlessly change gears to suit the situation. He proved his attacking skills early in his career and his two innings, 148 against Pakistan and 183* against Sri Lanka, are proof of his aggression. Later, with more responsibility, he changed his style to a calm and cool aggregator. He could rotate his strike and open up during the end overs.

In this post, I have summarized the man of the match awards received by Dhoni in ODI matches. So far, he has received 9 awards from 120 matches played.

Awards in 2005
(1) ODI # 05, 05 Apr 05: vs Pakistan, 148 runs & 2 catches

(2) ODI # 22, 31 Oct 05: vs Sri Lanka, 183* runs & 1 catch

Awards in 2006
(3) ODI # 33, 13 Feb 06: vs Pakistan, 72* runs & 3 catches

Awards in 2007
(4) ODI # 70, 10 May 07: vs Bangladesh, 91* runs & 1 stumping

(5) ODI # 74, 10 Jun 07: vs Africa XI, 139* runs & 3 stumpings

(6) ODI # 88, 08 Oct 07: vs Australia, 50* runs & 2 stumpings

(7) ODI # 92, 05 Nov 07: vs Pakistan, 63 runs & 1 stumping

Awards in 2008
(8) ODI #114, 03 Jul 08: vs Sri Lanka, 67 runs & 2 catches

(9) ODI #118, 24 Aug 08: vs Sri Lanka, 76 runs & 2 catches

Awards in 2009
(10) ODI #131, 03 Mar 09: vs New Zealand, 84* runs, 1 catch, 1 stumping & effected a run-out

(11) ODI #138, 03 Jul 09: vs West Indies, 46* runs, 2 catches, 1 stumping and combined with Gautam Gambhir to effect a run-out


  1. Update your post.

    Dhoni got MoM award in the first ODi against NZ.

  2. Updated now. Thanks for the reminder.

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