April 18, 2010

Can Chennai beat Kings XI Punjab?

IPL 2010 is coming to the final stages of the league matches. The competition has been so close that we still have three semi-final slots vacant with just three more games to go. Rather, should I so the quality of cricket is poor this time around? None of the teams had shown the consistency to reach the semi-finals comfortably; Mumbai Indians being the exception. Every team had lost crucial matches and failed to hold on to a comfortable lead.

With three more games to go (Punjab vs Chennai, Delhi vs Deccan & Mumbai vs Kolkata), we have the following teams fighting for a spot in the semi-finals:

(1) Royal Challengers Bangalore
(2) Delhi Daredevils
(3) Chennai Super Kings
(4) Deccan Chargers
(5) Kolkata Knight Riders

Mumbai had qualified and will be the table topper, while Kings XI Punjab and Rajasthan Royals are out of the tournament.

Chennai has a straightforward route; beat Kings XI Punjab and they will be through. It is as simple as that. The other teams need to find calculators and computers if Chennai wins.

So, what can Chennai do to win this match? They are fortunate to face a team that is out of the tournament. Or, will that work against them? I do not know. But, they should feel comfortable playing the team that is at the bottom of the table. Chennai has to get its combination right for this away game. Their resurgence had been due to the success at home. Can they do it one final time?

The turn-around in Chennai's fortunes happened since the arrival of Bollinger and the complete change of Murali Vijay. Chennai always had Hayden as the opener and the other opener was just adding to the numbers. But Vijay changed that very quickly. Let us not forget the other contributors, Suresh Raina and Ashwin. What is the best combination for Chennai? I would go with the following team:

1. Murali Vijay
2. Parthiv Patel
3. Suresh Raina
4. Mahendra Singh Dhoni
5. Albie Morkel
6. Justin Kemp/ Michael Hussey
7. Subramaniam Badrinath
8. R Ashwin
9. Shadab Jakati
10. Thilan Thushara
11. Doug Bollinger

It would be hard to drop Hayden. But, Chennai had to take the bold step. This is a match where you need to take the risk. Chennai has suffered due to the failure of seam bowlers. So, it would be good to bring in Thushara to support Bollinger. Albie Morkel would be the third seamer. Justin Kemp or Michael Hussey would fit into the final foreigner slot.

Let us go Chennai! Time to have the final push!


  1. All the best. But the present standard of play will not get the CSK far. They are pathetic at times and just about okay at others. They manage to make heavy weather of beating out of form teams like Punjab.
    Any way hope things get better for CSK.


  2. dhoni is a nice player...he only knows how to be in the team even after the team has the consistency of lossing the matches...n also how to make their close buddy in the team like Raina, Yuvraj, Murli Vijay(better than uttapha??), piyush chawla, zaheer khan and the one BC, MC, BKL, the all rounder Ravindra jadeja

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  7. Hello Mr.Dhoni,
    Actually your wedding turned out to be very lucky to you. Well the problem is that your luck effects even Indian cricket. Anyway let's wait and see what MIIIRACLES YOU and Your Slapping Master Friend that Wierdo Bajji or Vadapaau are gonna show in the coming days. Well in your case it's OK but obvious because you know instant success sometimes is unbearable. It is like a pimple near the rectum. All of a sudden you became the captain, got chance to sack all the south Indians from Team. It happens you know! You are helpless bechara. Anyway wish Indian Cricket goodluck.


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