March 18, 2011

England brings interest back to ODIs

Yes, England has certainly brought back interest to the ODI format due to their extraordinary performances (or should I say, poor performances) in the Cricket World Cup 2011.

It all started with Ryan Neil ten Doeschate scoring a century and England had to hold their breath to win their first match. It followed with a brilliant batting performance from England to chase down a huge total against India, only to lose their way at the end; but still ended up with a tie. Then, they lost their way against Ireland when Kevin O Brien brought up the fastest century in world cups; Ireland managed to beat England in the last over.

England scored just 171 runs. But, they put up a good bowling display that managed to beat South Africa by just six runs. Against Bangladesh, they could not break the 9th wicket partnership of 58 runs which eventually clinched the win for Bangladesh with 6 balls and 2 wickets remaining.

Today, they came to Chennai in a do-or-die match. They have to win to stay in the tournament. Three nations might had been praying for an England loss; a West Indies win here could have confirmed quarter-final berths for West Indies, India and Bangladesh. It looked as if thats going to happen when West Indies'7th wicket pair put on 72 runs. But, England's bowling proved its worth by removing the last 4 WI wickets for just 3 runs. England managed to win by 18 runs and kept their hopes alive for a quarter-final slot.

This means that group B is still wide open, with only South Africa qualified to the next stage. Which of the 3 teams from India, England, West Indies and Bangladesh will qualify? The question might be answered if South Africa beat Bangladesh. If not, we need to wait until the West Indies-India match, which incidentally is the last match in the qualifying rounds.

Certainly, England had brought life to ODI matches. All the six games they played had created extraordinary interest in the match and all of them led to nail-biting finishes. Well done England!


  1. MSD...Get rid of Munaf Patel as soon as possible...he'll ruin the WC for you...really sad to see the men in blue gettin all out within 50 overs against a paltry WI attack...What happened to the legendary Indian Batting??

  2. Is there any other choice? Munaf Patel is bowling better than Nehra and Sree Santh at the moment. So, you cannot leave him. But, what is irritating is Munaf's lethargic fielding. Hope he brings some urgency to his fielding.

  3. if u & ur loss w/c thats not a big thing for Indian but u loose with pk then it is like a fucking shit................

  4. Dhoni rocks he is the best ....

    i was in a bus from ambattur to adyar,5 anna university students were criticizing dhoni.ungrateful .........he is such a hero won us the world cup i wish i cud have beaten them like vijaykanth !!!
    These ppl not even worth Dhoni hair.When world great cricketers have hailed him what problem these pigs have.If they cant feel proud least they can do is shut up their mouth .We have traitors in our own country we have 2 deal with it b4 dealing with other countries

  5. you are right ....

    These type of ppl always criticize home team saying this that .When we win instead of praising they start saying fluke etc etc .ungrateful dogs

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  6. MSD is the greatest.Ignore such ppl they dont even know spell of cricket or 2 hold bat they must be playing in sum cherry slum area. They would have got admission to anna university through caste quota .ignore such fools

  7. msd is the great captian for indian team he take's right decision coolllll captancy

  8. i thnk MSD is the coolest captain in the world
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  9. Hey dhoni your hire is very silky.

  10. please concentrate on cricket and think only crcket when not think about sakshi. also try helicopter shots only in IPL . As a captain what type shot u played in last day of Test . Careless batting .......

  11. Army makes Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Abhinav Bindra Lieutenant Colonel

  12. Great played msd.......ur the only hero

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