June 09, 2009

Teams Qualified for Super Eights: WT20

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Update: Pakistan has qualified as the last team into the super eights after defeating Netherlands in their second group match.
The following teams have already qualified to the super eights stage of the ICC World Twenty20 2009 held in England. I have listed the qualified teams from each group with their respective seeding.

Qualifying Teams to Super Eights Stage
Group A: India (A1), Ireland (A2)
Group B: Pakistan or Netherlands (B1), England (B2)
Group C: West Indies (C1), Sri Lanka (C2)
Group D: New Zealand (D1), South Africa (D2)

So, seven teams have already qualified for the super eights stage. Today's match will decide the final team from group B. Pakistan is the number one seed in group B. But, if they don't beat Netherlands by a margin of at least 24 runs, they will be out of the tournament. Netherlands has a good chance to move into the super eights, but Pakistan still can come back if they get their act together.

There had been two upsets so far, one in group A and one in group C. Ireland has upset Bangladesh, the second seeded team in group A. So, Ireland takes over the seeding of Bangladesh and becomes team A2 for the super eights stage. Similarly, West Indies takes over the seeding of Australia in group C. Australia has been outplayed in both their matches, against West Indies and Sri Lanka. In fact, group C is a kind of "Group of Death" since they don't have an associate team in the group.

Super Eights stage Groups:
Group E: India (A1), England (B2), West Indies (C1), South Africa (D2)
Group F: Ireland (A2), Pakistan/ Netherlands (B1), Sri Lanka (C2), New Zealand (D1)

It seems group E is tougher with teams like India and South Africa competing against West Indies and the hosts England. Group F looks easier. If Netherlands make it to the super eights stage, then there will be two associate nations in group F. At this moment it looks like Sri Lanka and New Zealand will make it to the semi-finals comfortably from group F.


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