January 28, 2009

Jayasuriya on song

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The early dismissal of Dilshan did not stop Jayasuriya from being aggressive. It is no secret that Jayasuriya loves Indian cricket bowlers. Today is no exception. While Sangakkara is putting caution over aggression, Jayasuriya is in his style early in the innings. If he goes on further in the innings, India will face another Jayasuriya dominated defeat. While it is still too early in the match, it is such kind of effect normally Jayasuriya leaves on the Indians. Zaheer Khan, Ishant Sharma and Munaf Patel could not have any effect on Jayasuriya. Dhoni had been successful containing Sangakkara. But, how long can he be contained.

Will the Indian bowlers strike early? Sangakkara and Jayasuriya are kind of batsmen who cannot be allowed to bat longer. It looks India is going to chase a big total.

At the end of 12 overs, Sri Lanka are 42/1, with Jayasuriya on 32 (36 balls) and Sangakkara on 9 (34 balls). The current run rate is 3.50.


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