November 19, 2008

ECB Rejects BCCI's Request

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A couple of days ago, BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India) made a request to ECB (England and Wales Cricket Board) to postpone the first Test match between England and India by a day. The first test is scheduled to commence on 11 December 2008, following the ongoing seven match ODI-series.

Why did BCCI request to postpone the match?
The reason for the postponement is to give sufficient time for Mahendra Singh Dhoni to fly from Chennai to Ahmedabad. Dhoni, captain of Chennai Super Kings in IPL (Indian Premier League), will play in the Champions Twenty20 League 2008 from 3 Dec to 10 Dec. If Chennai Super Kings reaches the final to be played on 10 December, Dhoni will not be able to play either the Champions League final on 10 Dec or the first test match commencing on 11 Dec.

Interestingly, Dhoni is the only player to be affected from either sides playing the test match. The Champions Twenty20 league involves eight teams namely, Chennai Super Kings, Dolphins, Middlesex, Rajasthan Royals, Sialkot Stallions, Titans, Victoria and Western Australia.

Well done, ECB!
It is understood that ECB has rejected BCCI's request. I am glad that ECB had not given into BCCI. How crazy on the part of BCCI to request to change a match which is just three weeks away? What will happen to the travel plans of thousands of fans, journalists, commentators and officials? Why not just drop Dhoni from the Champions League final, if Chennai Super Kings reaches the final? Alternatively, why not let someone else lead the team in the first test match? At least Dhoni will get a well deserved break from cricket.

Why so much cricket? Give me a break man!
It is such a pity that BCCI could not plan its schedule ahead. It is not just about maximizing the schedule. The planning of the calendar should involve sufficient rest for players and enough time for fans to get some interest in the upcoming series. There was just three days between the end of Australia series and the beginning of England series. I wrote about this many times, but cannot stop myself complaining. Every series needs some hype, excitement and expectations before full commencement of the series. This will keep the interest of the game as well as the well-being of the cricketers intact.


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