June 04, 2007

PayPerPost makes bloggers grin


I started blogging close to a year ago. My plan is to have a simple platform to put across my views. Once that first goal was reached, I wanted to make some decent money online. I tried affiliate networks like Commission Junction and then Google AdSense. With due respect to these programs, I was making negligibly small amount of money. It was not my cup of tea. I was slowly getting lost in the cyberspace.

That’s when I came to know about PayPerPost (PPP). PPP is one central location that connects bloggers and advertisers. It pays bloggers for writing reviews about websites, products, services and/ or companies. The one thing that is special about PPP is the TRANSPARENCY with which they review blogs for acceptance.

In fact, even before PPP, I tried to sign up with one of their competitors. But, they straightaway rejected my blog without citing any reasons whatsoever. The standard answer popped up “Your blog does not qualify. Please submit your blog after few months”. It’s like a black box approach. I had no idea how to improve my blog to get it accepted.

So, when I submitted my blog to PPP, I was doing it with a bit of skepticism. As expected, my first submission was rejected. But, to my surprise, the PPP team gave me a clear reason for rejecting my blog. I took my time to set right my blog. In a few days again, I made my second attempt. Again, it was discarded; once again with valid reasons. This time I was more confident. I submitted my blog for the third time after taking into consideration the reasons for rejection. My blog was accepted the third time. I should salute the PPP team for guiding me in the right direction.

So, I happily started to explore the opportunities provided by PPP. The first opportunity I took got me $6, which is almost my one year’s earnings through other sources. My second opportunity brought me $10. Now, I am a happy PPP blogger, juggling between my regular posts and the opportunities presented by PPP


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