May 11, 2009

IPL 2009: Can Kolkata reach semifinals?

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Kolkata Knight Riders lost yet another match in Indian Premier League (IPL) 2009 held in South Africa. They lost their recent match to table leaders Delhi Daredevils. With just one win from 10 matches, can Kolkata Knight Riders still make it to the semi-finals stage? While it is highly unlikely, there is still hope, at least, theoretically.

Current Status of IPL teams:
Kolkata Knight Riders has gained two points from their win against Kings XI Punjab and one point from the rain-washed out game against Chennai Super Kings. That makes it three points for them and leaves them at the bottom of the table. Let us look at the points table, as of now:

Delhi Daredevils - 14
Chennai Super Kings -13
Rajasthan Royals - 11
Deccan Chargers - 10
Kings XI Punjab - 10
Mumbai Indians - 9
Royal Challengers Bangalore - 8
Kolkata Knight Riders - 3

Possible Scenario for KKR:
(1) The game between Deccan Chargers and Kings XI Punjab is washed out and they share a point each.
(2) Deccan Chargers and Kings XI Punjab lose all their remaining games.
(3) Royal Challengers Bangalore and Mumbai Indians do not win more than a game each.
(4) Kolkata Knight Riders win all the remaining 4 matches convincingly

If all these happens, it will leave four teams with 11 points each. Kolkata Knight Riders will qualify over the other three teams Deccan Chargers, Kings XI Punjab and Mumbai Indians by means of better net run rate.

All these happening together is highly impossible, particularly the first condition is in the hands of nature. There are other possible scenarios, which are much more unlikely.

So, effectively, Kolkata Knight Riders are out of the tournament unless few miracles happen from now on. In my opinion, the competition for semi-final spots have been reduced to just seven teams.


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