April 06, 2009

Dravid Records Most Catches in Test Matches

India vs New Zealand, India in New Zealand, 2009 - 3rd Test
Date: 03-07 April 2009

Rahul Dravid broke the record for most number of catches in test matches. The career record of 181 catches was held by Australian Mark Waugh. In the second innings of the on-going third cricket test match between India and New Zealand, Rahul Dravid held on to a chance given by New Zealand opener McIntosh off the bowling of Zaheer Khan. With the catch of McIntosh, Rahul Dravid has completed 182 catches in test match cricket. When Jesse Ryder was dismissed later on, Rahul Dravid has added another catch to his tally.

The following is the list of the top five cricketers with most catches in test match cricket:

1. Rahul Dravid (India) - 183 catches
2. Mark Waugh (Australia) - 181 catches
3. Stephen Fleming (New Zealand) - 171 catches
4. Brian Lara (West Indies) - 164 catches
5. Mark Taylor (Australia) - 157 catches

Interestingly, all the cricketers in the above list have already retired from international cricket except Rahul Dravid.


  1. Wall Wall Wall never hits a Ball

  2. You are right. While his approach is good for test matches, he sometimes forgets what he is supposed to do. In the first innings of the third cricket test match against New Zealand, he almost forgot to score runs and put the pressure on others. Finally, those around him failed. Dravid also cannot do anything and finally failed after occupying the crease for a very long time. He needs to change his approach to suit the match situation. Thanks.


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