June 27, 2008

Cricket is Boring

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Do you love cricket? I do love cricket. I could sacrifice my food and rest to watch cricket matches. But, recently, I feel that cricket is not that attractive or entertaining as it was. Cricket is going to be killed by the way it is being handled by the administrators and the cricket boards. Take a look at some of the recent results in the ODIs:

  1. Bangladesh beat UAE by 96 runs
  2. Pakistan beat Hong Kong by 155 runs
  3. Sri Lanka beat Bangladesh by 131 runs
  4. India beat Hong Kong by 256 runs
  5. India beat Pakistan by 6 wickets (with 47 balls remaining)
  6. Sri Lanka beat UAE by 142 runs

Boring and Meaningless Games
There was not even a single competitive game. In about three of those games, the opponent team is unable to score even half of the target set by the team batting first. Hong Kong managed less than one-third of what India scored. Why do we need such games? To boast the records of better teams?

Non-Stop Action
Ridiculous! The players do not get any break between tournaments. The spectators are getting matches every day. A two-month long IPL festival completed. Within two weeks, the Kitply Cup was over. Less than two weeks from that, we have completed the preliminary stage of the so-called Asia cup.

The matches are being cramped in between tight schedules. There used to be a time when we had a rest day during test matches. It is gone forever. The ODIs schdule used to have at least 2 days in between consecutive games. Then came a time when just a single day was sufficient. Now, it seems that teams have to work 9 to 5 everyday. India met Hong Kong and Pakistan on consecutive days. In the Super 4s stage, they have to meet Pakistan and Sri Lanka on consecutive days. Will this not put the Indian team at a disadvantage as they have to play two best teams without any break?

The effect on players
Think about players like Mahendra Singh Dhoni. He is such a gifted player, wonderful to watch. How long is he going to survive this onslaught? He was part of the IPL Twenty20 as the captain of Chennai Super Kings team that went all the way to the finals. He was the captain of the Indian ODI team that lost in the finals of the Kitply cup. He is again the ODI captain for the Asia cup team. Add to this, his wicket-keeping duties. I really pity Dhoni.

He is such a good player and has become a regular member of the test team, ODI team and the Twenty20 team. If tournaments and series are going to be played without any break, then players like Dhoni will break down. That is not good for cricket.

Proper planning and adequate rest for players and spectators will let cricket survive. Hope everybody understands this in the interest of the game.


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