April 15, 2008

Dhoni in Test Match #29: Summary

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India vs South Africa, South Africa in India, 2008 - 3rd Test
Date: 11-13 April 2008

Dhoni won his first test match as captain. Well done Dhoni! His knock of 32 runs in the first innings and his 60 runs partnership with Sourav Ganguly was crucial in determining the outcome of the match. His decisions, particularly in rotating the bowlers, has to be apprciated. He seems to know the trick of throwing the ball to the right bowler at the right time. Dhoni! Do you have any magic wand with you?

Dhoni's performance in the 1st innings:
Catches : 0 / Stumpings : 1
Batting: 32 runs (54 balls), 4s: 5/ 6s: 0

Dhoni's performance in the 2nd innings:
Catches : 1 / Stumpings : 0
Batting: Did Not Bat

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